A Comprehensive Comparison: Black Hills 77 Grain 5.56 OTM vs. Lake City Winchester 5.56 62 Grain Green Tip Ammo

Introduction: Selecting the right ammunition is paramount for firearm enthusiasts and military personnel alike. In this comprehensive analysis, we’ll delve into a detailed comparison between two renowned choices: the Black Hills 77 Grain 5.56 OTM round and the Lake City Winchester 5.56 62 Grain Green Tip round. Both rounds possess unique qualities that cater to specific shooting needs and military applications, ensuring you can make an informed decision when choosing your ammunition.

Black Hills 77 Grain 5.56 OTM Round:


  1. Precision Performance: The Black Hills 77 Grain 5.56 OTM (Open Tip Match) round is synonymous with precision. Its open tip design delivers consistent bullet weight and shape, resulting in exceptional accuracy over varying distances.
  2. Consistent Ballistics: Shooters seeking tight groupings will appreciate the Black Hills OTM round’s unwavering ballistics. Whether honing skills on the range or engaging targets at extended ranges, this round’s consistency stands out.
  3. Reliable Terminal Performance: The OTM design enhances terminal performance, ensuring reliable expansion upon impact. This is crucial both in competitive shooting and self-defense scenarios.
  4. Reduced Barrel Wear: Renowned for its premium components, Black Hills ammunition minimizes barrel wear, extending your firearm’s life while preserving accuracy.

Lake City Winchester 5.56 62 Grain Green Tip Round:



  1. Penetrating Power: The Lake City Winchester 5.56 62 Grain Green Tip round, known as M855, excels in penetration. Its steel core and green tip signify armor-piercing capabilities, vital for scenarios where penetration is paramount.
  2. Versatility: While optimized for penetration, the M855 round remains versatile. Whether targeting objects, training, or tactical encounters, this round adapts effectively.
  3. Military Heritage: The Lake City Winchester round boasts a rich military heritage, trusted by armed forces worldwide. This lineage attests to its reliability and performance under demanding conditions.

Military Applications:

Black Hills 77 Grain 5.56 OTM Round in Military Context:

  1. Precision Engagement: The Black Hills 77 Grain 5.56 OTM round’s precision suits military applications, empowering snipers and marksmen with accurate, consistent performance.
  2. Urban Operations: In urban combat, where minimizing collateral damage is vital, the Black Hills round’s terminal performance shines. It neutralizes threats effectively while reducing risks to civilians.
  3. Counter-Sniper Operations: When countering snipers, the OTM round’s precision is pivotal. Accurate targeting against concealed snipers gains the upper hand for military units.

Lake City Winchester 5.56 62 Grain Green Tip Round in Military Context:

Ballistic Gel Testing M855 from M4A1

  1. Armor-Piercing Capability: The Lake City Winchester 5.56 62 Grain Green Tip round’s armor-piercing prowess is indispensable in military scenarios. It breaches armor and obstacles, neutralizing threats that would otherwise be challenging.
  2. Vehicle Engagement: Military engagements often involve vehicles, some lightly armored. The M855’s armor-piercing capability equips soldiers to effectively engage such targets.
  3. Tactical Flexibility: The M855 round’s adaptability suits missions requiring versatile ammunition. It excels in engaging distant targets, armor-clad foes, and dynamic combat zones.

Choosing the Right Ammunition for Military Use:

Selecting between these rounds for military applications depends on operational needs. Precision and accuracy favor the Black Hills OTM round, while penetration and adaptability are M855’s strengths. A combination can offer a well-rounded tactical advantage.


Both the Black Hills 77 Grain 5.56 OTM round and the Lake City Winchester 5.56 62 Grain Green Tip round excel in civilian and military contexts, meeting diverse shooting demands. Your decision should align with specific requirements. At Last Shot, we understand the significance of ammunition choice and cater to your needs, offering a range of options and same-day shipping. Local laws should be observed when selecting ammunition. In military operations, leveraging the strengths of each round ensures tactical success, from precision engagements to breaching armor-clad targets. Your choice should resonate with your mission objectives, achieving optimal results with the ammunition that best suits your goals.

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