Black Hills Ammunition and the MK 262 Round: Excellence for the MK12 Rifle in the Global War on Terror

In the early stages of the Global War on Terror, the need for precision rifles capable of engaging targets at extended ranges became crucial. Black Hills Ammunition recognized this demand and collaborated with the military to develop ammunition specifically tailored for the MK12 rifle. This collaboration resulted in the creation of the MK 262 round, which exemplifies the commitment to excellence that both Black Hills and the military hold. Join us as we explore the historical significance of the MK12 rifle, the exceptional  round, and the unrivaled quality of Black Hills Ammunition, available at Last Shot with same-day nationwide shipping.

The MK12 Rifle: A Versatile Precision Weapon

The MK12 rifle emerged in the early 2000s as a specialized weapon system designed to meet the evolving needs of military forces engaged in counterterrorism operations. It was primarily developed for designated marksmen, providing them with enhanced accuracy and effective engagement capabilities at extended ranges. The MK12 rifle combines the reliability of the AR-15 platform with modifications and enhancements, including an 18-inch barrel and a free-floating handguard, to optimize accuracy and reduce weight.

The MK 262 Round: Precision Engineering for Lethal Performance

To complement the capabilities of the MK12 rifle, Black Hills Ammunition collaborated closely with the military to develop the MK 262 round. This specialized ammunition was meticulously designed to maximize the potential of the MK12 rifle, offering superior accuracy, consistency, and terminal performance. The MK 262 round is renowned for its exceptional accuracy, allowing shooters to engage targets with precision at extended distances. Black Hills Ammunition achieved this feat through careful selection of high-quality components, including specialized projectiles and propellants. The meticulous manufacturing processes employed by Black Hills ensure consistent performance, shot after shot, meeting the stringent demands of military marksmen.

Optimal Terminal Performance

Designed to deliver reliable expansion and terminal energy transfer, the MK 262 round ensures maximum stopping power upon impact. The projectile’s construction and ballistics are engineered to maintain stability in flight while providing controlled expansion for effective target engagement. This makes the MK 262 round highly effective in neutralizing threats, enhancing the overall operational effectiveness of the MK12 rifle.

Black Hills Ammunition: A Partner in Military Excellence

Black Hills Ammunition’s collaboration with the military to develop the MK 262 round showcases their unwavering commitment to providing superior ammunition. With stringent quality control measures and precision manufacturing processes, Black Hills consistently delivers rounds that meet the high standards demanded by military personnel. The reliability, accuracy, and terminal performance of Black Hills Ammunition have earned the trust of military professionals, law enforcement agencies, and shooters worldwide. The collaboration between Black Hills Ammunition and the military resulted in the development of the MK 262 round for the MK12 rifle. The MK 262 round offers unparalleled accuracy, terminal performance, and consistency, complementing the capabilities of the MK12 rifle in the Global War on Terror. Experience the excellence of Black Hills Ammunition by choosing Last Shot as your trusted provider.

Last Shot: Accessing Black Hills Ammunition for Unmatched Performance:

At Last Shot, we understand the importance of offering premium ammunition to our customers. That’s why we proudly provide Black Hills Ammunition, including the exceptional MK 262 round, which was developed for the MK12 rifle. With our same-day nationwide shipping, you can easily access the precision, reliability, and performance of Black Hills Ammunition for your shooting needs.


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