Unveiling Excellence: The Black Hills 5.56 77 Grain Open Tip Match Round

Welcome to our first blog post of many. Today we are delving into the exceptional features and benefits of the Black Hills 5.56 77 Grain Open Tip Match round. This ammunition has gained a well-deserved reputation for its outstanding performance and is highly sought after by shooters of all backgrounds. Join us as we explore what makes this round truly exceptional.

  1. Precision and Accuracy:

One of the standout qualities of the Black Hills 5.56 77 Grain Open Tip Match round is its remarkable precision and accuracy. Built upon the foundation of years of experience and meticulous craftsmanship, this ammunition consistently delivers tight groups and exceptional shot placement. Whether you’re engaged in competitive shooting or long-range precision work, the consistency of this round allows you to trust in your equipment and focus on your performance.

  1. Open Tip Match (OTM) Design:

The Black Hills 5.56 77 Grain round features an Open Tip Match (OTM) design, utilizing a hollowed-out tip. This design combines the benefits of both hollow point and match bullets. The hollow tip initiates rapid expansion upon impact, enhancing terminal ballistics and energy transfer, while the boat-tail shape and aerodynamic profile contribute to increased long-range stability and reduced drag. The result is a round that excels in both accuracy and terminal performance.

  1. Sierra MatchKing Bullet:

At the heart of the Black Hills 5.56 77 Grain Open Tip Match round lies the renowned Sierra MatchKing bullet. Sierra bullets have a long-standing reputation for exceptional quality and ballistic performance. The MatchKing bullets used in this ammunition are meticulously designed for high ballistic coefficients, excellent weight retention, and consistent performance across various shooting conditions. Their precision manufacturing and quality control ensure that every round performs at its peak, shot after shot.

  1. Versatility:

While the Black Hills 5.56 77 Grain Open Tip Match round is highly regarded for precision shooting applications, its versatility extends beyond this domain. It is suitable for a wide range of shooting disciplines, including long-range shooting, competition shooting, and even certain defense and military applications. The reliable performance and consistency of this round make it a trusted choice for shooters seeking reliable and accurate ammunition across diverse scenarios.

  1. Trusted by the Pros:

Black Hills ammunition has a solid reputation among military, law enforcement agencies, and professional shooters. The fact that these organizations choose Black Hills as their ammunition supplier speaks volumes about the quality and reliability of their products. When you choose the Black Hills 5.56 77 Grain Open Tip Matchround, you’re selecting ammunition that has undergone rigorous testing and earned the trust of professionals who depend on superior performance.


The Black Hills 5.56 77 Grain Open Tip Match round is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to quality that Black Hills Ammunition embodies. From its precision and accuracy to its open tip match design and the utilization of Sierra MatchKing bullets, this round offers shooters a level of performance that is truly outstanding. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, precision enthusiast, or someone seeking reliable and versatile ammunition, the Black Hills 5.56 77 Grain Open Tip Match round is a choice that won’t disappoint. Trust in its excellence, and experience why this round is one of the most sought after rounds to this date.

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